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The Inner World of Crazy Vegeta

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The Inner World of Crazy Vegeta

0xa8bb80bd41cd441660b5e4012bf41f645ae79a38Fran Afonso SUP
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In my artistic journey I have decided to experiment with everything and not leave anything out, so I have had a lot of fun making some compositions with toys and then photographing them. Later I digitally retouch these photographs to alter colors, apply filters and add elements in some cases. I like that in an image the colors shine and the textures are well marked, they are two aesthetic elements that characterize my work. I also usually work a lot in high contrast and I don't limit myself or adhere to any kind of rules; I simply let myself be and allow myself to create freely as far as my imagination takes me.


  • 1 edition listed for 500 HOD
    By Fran Afonso SUP
    12/09/2022, 16:33 UTC
  • 1 edition listed for 200 HOD
    29/06/2022, 15:37 UTC
  • 1 edition listed for 500 HOD
    27/05/2022, 23:00 UTC
  • 1 edition minted
    27/05/2022, 22:59 UTC

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