Break Dancer Waifu

Break Dancer Waifu

0xa8bb80bd41cd441660b5e4012bf41f645ae79a38Fran Afonso SUP
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10/10/2022, 17:19 UTC
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The Waifu Faucet in Hodooi has been opened and has started to drop the cutest anime girls from across the metaverse. This Collection will be limited and of each piece there will only be one edition available. The Waifu belonging to this collection will only be sold here at Hodooi, all of them will be identified with the logo of our platform to give them a high sense of belonging. Part of the profits from this collection will be used to invest in the NFTs of other creators here at Hodooi in order to support them on our part and help move the economy of our platform.

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