Dayanna - The Weird Gallery

Dayanna - The Weird Gallery

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I welcome you to The Weird Gallery, here you will find very strange, special and definitely unique NFTs. Here we pride ourselves on being weird and making weird pieces of art, this time we present a series of digital portraits of unreal women, some are a bit somber and some are too pop, but very funny. This series has been created by Fran Afonso, a 32-year-old crazy man who spends a good part of the day behind a screen creating NFTs and walking around the metaverse. Of each piece there will only be one edition available, once each piece is sold I will not mint more neither in this nor in any other market. Likewise, I will not make several versions of the same character (that bores me) nor am I going to present the same piece twice, changing its style a bit (that bores me even more). So these pieces are not only rare because of their rarity, but they are also rare because they are completely unique and unrepeatable.

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