Kwende, Elf Light Master

Kwende, Elf Light Master

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Kwende is one of the founders of Selfalenora and not only is she a lightbender, but she also has the ability to age very slowly. No one knows her real age or her origin, it is only known that she founded this city with the Great Queen. Every afternoon she goes to the groves to play with light to make it pass through the trees, she likes her home to look like a magical place during twilight. About this Collection: Selfalenora is a small elfic town where only female elfs live, each of these beautiful elves has their own special abilities and each one follows her own vocation that she uses to collaborate with the other inhabitants of the town. Each one of these elves is unique, each one has her own personality and story. Only one edition of each will be available and there can only be one owner for each of these NFTs.

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