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Yellow Ducklings
Yellow Ducklings

Yellow Ducklings

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What are Duckies? Duckies is a Web3 reward-based community platform, established by Yellow as its Canary Network. It features $DUCKIES, a reward token, and serves as a proving ground for Yellow's state channel clearing technology. Duckies was launched with a dual purpose: to provide entertainment and to serve as a sandbox. It functions as an educational, testing, and experimental network within the Yellow ecosystem. A Unique Trading Card Game The Duckies Trading Card Game is a thrilling adventure where players strive to outwit the evil Dr. Quackers and create the ultimate Mythic Duckling through DNA manipulation. As a holder of a Mythic NFT card, you'll be ranked based on the rarity of your Mythics, granting you access to exclusive DAO benefits. More Than Just a Meme Coin $DUCKIES is more than just a token; it's a community gateway that empowers ambassadors to advocate the YELLOW clearing system.

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